Sunday, December 13, 2009

♥ 4ever

I wonder... what happened to those love birds that carved their confessions in this trees living crust?
A tree - a silent witness of big emotions.



  1. Right, until the tree dies because of all the stupid carving on it. How people can take something that wonderful and vandalize it I will never understand! There is a grove of Aspen trees near here that they have done the same thing to...argh!?#*

  2. I've seen this done to rocks where I live. How wonderful Mother Nature is to use rain, sleet, snow, ice and other means to fade away the carvings in the soft beautiful stone faces.

    The thought of leaving your initials and love forever on a tree is a whimsical moment perhaps not thought out.

    One does wonder!

  3. Vandalism aside... it really is kind of sweet. (I said vandalism aside, right? ;o))

    My name is carved on a bridge in my town. Some guy did it years ago; we weren't even dating. I think he was just trying to get me in trouble. lol