Monday, January 11, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Week 2 Photo Challenge "Best Face Photo"

This weeks entry is a picture of me and my sweet Mika, the photos was taken 2009/12/03 by self timer.

Happy Birthday I ♥ Faces!!!

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  1. Your cat is beautiful! I love it. How fun to do a self portrait too! Great idea! Lots of fun!

  2. You are both very pretty.

    It just occurred to me that the cat has one green eye and one blue one. I was not able to tell if your eyes are blue or green.

  3. cute shot of the two of you. love the kitty's eyes. how fun.

    have a happy week.

  4. Neat shot...and love the kitty's eyes!

  5. Great job... especially with a self-timer! I'm impressed! And, your cat is awesome. Gotta love those eyes!

  6. What amazing eyes on your cat! Cute shot of the two of you.